How to Get Canon Printer Offline to Online?

Let’s look at the potential explanations behind-‘Get Canon Printer offline ‘Error The Canon offline printer error occurs when the printer cannot receive any of the system’s print commands. In brief, the common reasons for this issue are listed below: Issue of default settings: Incorrect default printer settings can be the reason your Canon printer goes … Read more

How to Get a Lexmark Printer Back Online

How to Bring an Offline Lexmark Printers Online: Lexmark’s most available & fabulous printer is honored for its best printing. Nevertheless, Lexmark printers face technical difficulties offline. One question pop-up in mind when Lexmark printer keeps going offline at that moment is how to get an offline Lexmark printer online. Turn Lexmark Printer Offline mode … Read more

How to Set Canon Printer from Offline to Online

Let’s Explore The Potential Reasons Behind- ‘Canon Printer from Offline to Online’ Error Canon printer offline error occurs when the printer is unable to receive any print commands from the system. The common reasons for this problem are described in brief below: Default settings issue: Wrong default printer settings may be the reason due to … Read more

How to Clear Stuck Print Jobs on Windows 7 for HP Printer

If print jobs are stuck in the print spooler, and you cannot cancel it manually, you need other ways to get the printing system to function normally.

The print job may get stuck when trying to take printouts on any printer, so this is not necessarily a troubleshooting method for HP printer problems alone; although the steps may vary slightly for other printers.

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How To Clean Your Epson Printer’s Nozzle?

Are you a proud owner of an Epson printer? If yes, have you noticed any irregularity in your prints recently? Are they faint, not continuous, or have streaked lines?

From troubleshooting printer issues, you might have realized that such irregularities in prints are caused by clogged nozzles. This is a common issue as the residual ink in the nozzle dries up.

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