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In the contemporary era printer is one of the essential needs of human being. So, in order to get rid of the Lexmark printer showing offline in windows 10. In spite of the fact that printer is designed to give perfect printouts and extremely reliable or easy to use. They still may come with problem while you are using them. One commonly question pops in mind “Lexmark printer offline” or” Lexmark printer out of order”. To resolve the Lexmark printer showing offline issues, we precisely provide the following instruction.

Why Lexmark Printer going offline in Windows 10?

If your Lexmark printer is out of order in windows 10 and you are worried why you have to face this problem so often, here I have listed out the following reasons for offline printer. These causes are not for a specific device and may occur on Windows and Mac.

  1. The printer USB cable are loosely connected.
  2. If you forget to turn on your printer.
  3. In case of a wireless printer, the chances are that your PC and printer not sharing the same network.
  4. There are a lot of print commands stuck in the printer queue.
  5. Your printer is not set as the default printer.
  6. Your device does not have the updated drivers for your printer.

How to get the Lexmark printer online In Windows 10?

Step1. Monitor Lexmark printer power status

First of you need to check the printer status, whether printer is on/off. It can be recognized by a power on symbol. If your printer lights are blinking it is an indication for warning or not.

Step2. Check Printer Connectivity

Secondly, look at the printer connectivity in window 10. Problem may be occurred due to hardware issues. The technical fault might include:

  1. cartridge jam
  2. paper jam

Hardware issues can be removed by physically removing paper, and by disconnect the jam inside the printer as well.

Step3. Look At The Printer Drivers

In case of drivers are inaccessible then, download Lexmark printer driver from official website & reinstall it.

Step4. Turn Printer Device Online

Check Lexmark printer status weather it is online/offline. In case of offline then check its setting.

Step5. Reset or delete old data

Open the control panel in your computer and go to the printer devices then double click on the printer. Click right and remove it.

Step 6. Restart Printer

Again, plugin the printer. It starts with online command.

Process to fix the Lexmark printer offline Mac

1. Check the connection

Initially, check all the connections and cables for any fault.

2. Install the driver update

Mostly, your Mac is having outdated printer drivers. Go to the official website of Lexmark and check for any available updates for the same.

3. Restart your printer and Mac

Most probably, just a simple restart helps in getting rid of issues like Lexmark printer offline.

4. Resume the printing process

  • Open the dock and go to the ‘system preferences’ section.
  • From the menu, select ‘print and scan’.
  • Then, double- tap on your printer’s name.
  • If there is a yellow light next to it, click ‘Resume’.

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