What to do when Epson printer offline in Mac and windows 10 . It means printer do not print a document and not properly responding with windows 10 and mac. Hence, you may need to again add printer on computer as per printer “Hardware and software” updated.

We understand that it is very frustrating thing to find that Epson printer goes offline Mac and windows 10. Just when you try to print an important document. Here I have listed out the following reasons for offline printer. These causes are not for a specific device and may occur on Windows 10 and Mac.

Method 1

  • To switch on the printer and keep it active.
  • Then, to reboot the printer and cancel all the printing tasks
  • To check the connection settings as sometimes USB is not connected properly or wireless network connection is not stable.
  • To troubleshoot the USB cable connection and connect it to the wireless network.

How to get the Epson printer online in MacBook?

Method 2

Epson printer offline how to turn online is a technical question when printer do not respond. Therefore, need to check printer “hardware and software”. Make sure that power cable, printer cable is connected to printer and Wi-Fi. Although, check printer driver and software to fix printer offline issues.

  1. Connect the printer to the MacBook with its USB cable.
  2. Click on the “Apple” icon in the menu bar at the top of the desktop, then click “system preferences”. The system preference window open.
  3. Click “print & fax,” then click the “+” button on the left side of the window. The add printer window open.
  4. Select the printer that is connected to your MacBook, then type a name for the printer in the Name box.
  5. Enter its location in the location box and select the type of printer from the print using drop-down box.
  6. Click the “Add” button to add the printer to your MacBook. If prompted, insert the printer’s installation disc into the optional drive on your MacBook.
  7. Follow the directions of the instillation wizard to install the printer’s essential software.
  8. Click “Finish” at the end of the install process. The printer now show in the list on the Print & Fax window.

How to get Epson printer offline to online in windows 10?

Why is the printer showing offline errors or printer offline in windows 10? Maybe the connection is not stable. Sometimes, the offline status notification comes in. Computer device is not able to establish a connection and communicate with the printer. Some of the reasons may be that printer has switched off or the USB cable is not connected properly. There is a process to fix the printer with computer.

Fix1: Resolve Hardware Problems

Here we have listed 3 expert tips to resolve your problem related to hardware.

  1. An Epson printer’s power cord and the electrical board must be properly connected.
  2. Ensure that the USB cable is proper working with your Windows 10 system.
  3. In case of a wireless connection your Epson printer must be properly connected.
    Keeping in mind these tips and ensure that these hardware-related issues get prevented in the future too.

Fix 2: Check Printer Connection & Restart

In the second step check a proper printer connection with your Windows10 system and then restarting it, if required. When the Epson printer has been connected properly then will be no physical problem with the connection. You can restart your printer.

  1. Turn off your Epson device.
  2. Check the trays for any pieces of jammed paper.
  3. Also check that the ink levels are not low.
  4. Now, turn on the device.

Fix 3: Inspect Epson Printer for Jammed Paper

If your Epson printer is in an out of order on Windows 10, a paper jam could be turning it up. Meanwhile, check your printing device for jammed paper bits will be a suitable approach. Here, we have listed out some steps to remove jammed paper from Epson printer.

  1. Plug out your Epson printer.
  2. Ensure that the paper tray has no loose paper.
  3. Now, remove the paper roller of your device.
  4. Clean the paper roller gently with a clean cotton cloth and place it back.
  5. Now, plug in your device and then restart it.
  6. Print a test page to see that there is no jammed paper within.

Fix 4: Reboot Epson Printer and Windows 10 Computer

Your Epson printer lands in an error state in window 10, rebooting can help resolve your problem.
These are some steps mentioned how to reboot Epson printer.

  1. Stop all the printing tasks from your computer
  2. Shut down your Windows 10 system.
  3. Now, reboot your system.
  4. Also, power on your printing device.
  5. Your printer will be out of the error state. Use it as usual.

Fix 5: Update Epson Printer Driver on Windows 10

In Windows 10 your Epson printer driver system have been not updated. Installing the latest version of the Epson printer driver on your system can save your device. Therefore, your Windows 10 system will automatically check the latest Epson printer driver version, you can check it manually too. Here, we have mentioned the complete step.

  1. Open the Windows “Desktop”.
  2. Go to the taskbar, you have to right-click the product icon.
  3. Now, click on “Software Update”.
  4. In the printer settings window, access the “Utility” tab.
  5. Click on “Driver update”.
    Note for Readers: As an alternative, you can update the Epson printer driver using the “Epson Software Updater” too. Press the “Start” button and you will find “Epson” or “Epson software program group”. The “Epson Software Updater” will be available here.

Fix 6: Reinstall Epson Printer Driver on Windows 10

For those who have an updated Epson printer driver on Windows 10, and still your device is not working it means there is some bugs in the driver. For this, you can reinstall the Epson printer driver on your system. Learn how to reinstall the driver for your printer in the error state in Epson on Windows 10 with the set of instructions.

  1. Open the “Settings” on your Windows 10 computer.
  2. Tap on “Devices” and then click on “Printers & Scanners”.
  3. Select your Epson printer under the section “Printers & Scanners” and press the button “Remove device”. Then click on “Yes” to confirm.
  4. Now, ensure that your Epson printer is on and connected to your system.
  5. Open the “Settings” on your computer.
  6. Click on “Devices”, then select “Printers & Scanners”, and tap “Add a printer or scanner”.
  7. Choose “Add device” if you can see your Epson printer in the window. The driver will be installed by Windows.
  8. If you can’t see your Epson printer in the window, choose “The printer that I want isn’t listed”. Then select “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and click on “Next”.
  9. Choose “Use an existing port”.
  10. Choose USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB) from the dropdown list on the right and click on “Next”.
  11. Go to the “Manufacturer” column and choose “EPSON”.
  12. Select your device from the “Printers” column. If you can’t see your device, choose “Windows update”. When the list of printers has been updated, choose “Epson” from the “Manufacturer” column and your device from the “Printers” column.
  13. Now click on “Next”.
  14. Fill in the printer name and again click on “Next”.
  15. Click on “Do not share this printer” and tap “Next”.
  16. Click on “Print a test page”.
  17. Finally, choose “Close” and press “Finish”.


In this article we have mentioned all the problems that can make your printer “offline”. In addition to this we have also explained the solutions for these problems for Epson printer offline Mac and windows 10. Still problem are not solved then our expert team.

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