Is Your Printer is OFFLINE : Know the Easy Ways to Fix it.

It becomes frustrating for the users once they come across the printer offline error. Go through the ways to troubleshoot the offline or non-responding status of the printer.

First and foremost, check the basic connection:

Many times printer shows “Offline” status when it is not properly connected to your computer, or there arises some network issue leading to the printing error. Check the same to progress with your printing function.

Cancel out the previous stuck commands and restart the system afresh:

In many cases when HP printer says “Offline”, the fault gets rectified by canceling all the former printing command traffic and starting the printer afresh.

Remove and reinstall the printing machine:

If the above-mentioned steps don’t work try removing your system and reinstalling it. In order to remove the system, open “Drivers and Devices” from the start option and right click on your printer model and select “Remove’.

In order to reinstall the same connect the printer to your computer and with the USB cable and turn it on.

  • Turn on the printing system and open the computer settings.
  • From the screen select “Change PC Settings” and open “PC and devices” and thereafter select “Devices”.
  • Click on “Add a device” and select your printer option to end the reinstalling process.

Check and deactivate the automated offline commands:

Sometimes the offline and pause printing commands are activated automatically impeding the printing function.

In the aforementioned steps, we have mentioned the way to turn of such automated commands, scroll down and read on.

  • From the window button, look for “Devices and Printers” and select it.
  • From the next page select the icon of your installed printer.
  • Right click on the icon and click “See what’s printing”.
  • On the upper left corner of the next page click on the “Printer” menu, and click to remove any check marks next to “Pause printing” or “Use printer offline” options.

Remove obsolete driver and download a new one for your system:

An outdated driver for your printer may also create the printer “Offline” problem. In such a scenario it is best advised to download the latest, most suitable driver for your system.

Follow the mentioned steps to download the driver for your system: Subsequent to downloading and installing the suitable drivers. Go to Official Website or go with CD.