Epson Printer L3110 Offline to Online

When you are printing your documents and suddenly the printer stops and the declares the Epson printer offline fix on mac. In this article you will read about Epson printer offline how to turn online Mac and printer Model Epson Printer L3110.

Epson Printer L3110

Why is my Epson Printer L3110 offline

Steps 1: The problem can be caused by your printer, computer, or wireless network. Do the following:To determine if the printer can print without a computer, print a nozzle check pattern from the product’s control panel.
• If you can print, go to the next step.
• If you can’t print a nozzle check pattern, check the product’s LCD for error messages. Clear any errors displayed on the LCD, then try printing a nozzle check pattern again.

Step 2: Delete any pending print job from the Epson print queue and then try printing again.

How do I Get My Epson Printer L3110 to go from Offline to Online?

1. Reset Printer Settings

Low internet connectivity may show your Epson printer as ‘Offline’ on Mac. To fix this problem follow the below process

•First Open the ‘Apple’ menu and Click on the “System Preference” option.

System Preference on Mac

•Now Go to the “Printer & Scanner” section.

Printers and Scanners

•Now Right click on your Epson printer and choose “Reset Printing System” option.

Reset Printer

• With this you will Enter your Mac username and password as asked on the next pop up box.

• Click ‘OK’ button.

• You have to wait for some time until the printer list is displayed again.

add Epson printer using the ‘+’ icon.

Add Printer

•Following these steps will bring your printer online. You can do a test print to check if it’s printing fine.

2. Delete extra Printer

Sometimes ‘Offline’ error on Mac occurs when a same printer is installed multiple times. Follow the steps given below to fix this problem:

  • Go to the menu for Apple>System and Preferences>Printer and Scanners
  • The list of printers appears in the section ‘Printer and Scanner.’
  • Delete extra added printer by clicking on the printer and selecting (-) sign from the bottom left corner of your screen.
Delete Printer

• Now set your Epson “Idle Printer” as a “Default Printer”.
Restart your printer. This should resolve your printer’s ‘Offline’ error.

3. Some common reasons why Epson printer Goes offline

  • If your Epson printer is offline, this means that there could be a communication issue between the Epson printer and the PC.
  • Due to any hardware or software-related problems, the Epson printer does not communicate with computers.
  • The ‘Spooler’ service, stopped or sluggish, might make your printer go offline.
  • Incorrect printer settings that may make your printer go offline when your printer is not selected as “Default Printer.
  • Outdated printer drivers can prevent the operation of your printer.

4. Troubleshooting Printer Settings

• Check the cable connections between your printer and the network router or your computer. Make sure none of the cables have come loose and the printer has been powered on.

• Check the printer tray for any paper jams. Make sure the printer has enough paper and the paper is aligned properly in the printer. If you see a “Low Ink” message on the printer, replace the ink cartridges.

• Select the “Apple” menu and click “Software Update” to install available updates.

•Select the “Apple” menu and Click “Restart” from the drop-down menu.

• Click “System Preferences” in the Dock and select “Print & Scan”. Double-click your printer from the Printer list if a yellow light appears next to the printer’s name. Click “Resume”.

Open a document that you need to print and try to print the document by pressing “Ctrl-P”. Select your printer by clicking the “Change” button and choose your printer from the list. Click “Print”.

In this article we have discussed all the problems which can make your Epson printer ‘Offline’. We also explained the solutions for Epson printer offline mac problems. So, you do not need to worry about your problem of ‘Epson printer keeps going offline mac’.

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